Brew Day: American Wheat


Date: March 3, 2015

Gallons to date: 10

Style: American Wheat <— (link to recipe)


I am still learning my system, heck I am still learning how to brew period.

This was a lot of first for me; my first wheat beer, my first time using Lubberwort Brewing, a new brewing application ( review to be posted soon), first time using more RO water than tap water, and maybe the first time I was able to get someone to take a few “action” shots for me while brewing.

A quick shot of the brew space, and the snow on the ground.  If nothing else Colorado is beautiful…but I can not wait to get back to TEXAS

Brew Space

The brew day, grain bill, and procedure were pretty straight forward, and for once, I didn’t have many issues. The main issue I , my own fault, for not paying attention to the mash like I usually do, but it was easy to recover from.

I conditioned and milled all my grains the day prior, as well as made the trip to purchase the 10 gallons of RO water I was going to use for this batch.  After the normal pre-clean cycle I heated my strike water and mashed in to hit a temp of 150 and set the timer of 75 min.

Mash-in 1


So about the one and only issue was that because I got side tracked, I forgot to stir the mash at the normal 20 min intervals. I know it should not be needed with a HERMS system, but I am still trying to get my efficiency  up, and I think this helps.  At the time the Lubberwort Brewing App did not have a way to modify the mash timer once started, so I just adjusted on the fly, and turned my 75 min mash to a 90 min mash and stirred as needed.

The mash went off without any other issues and I spared and transferred to the boil kettle where my new hop filter was waiting with he FWH additions of Sorachi Ace.


Looks kinda small in such a larger filter, but next brew will have about 9 oz and I should get a good test of the filter’s capabilities.

Set the PID at 85% duty cycle and away the boil went. After the boil I transferred into the primary and pitched the 2 one litre starters of 1056.



Primary fermentation went smooth, after 15 days, I dry hopped with 3 oz of Galaxy, for 10 days….(forgot about needed to keg) then transferred to the kegs where it is waiting for a tap to open up of the Keezer.  All the samples along the way smelled and tasted great, and the aroma of the Galaxy hop has earned it a place in my next brew…A hop burst American IPA.


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