Lubberwort Brewing : A Review

Lubberwort Brewing Homebrew Application


After using the site and writing the review most of the issues have been addressed. Most importantly, the ability to modify the Mash timer, and the ability to add notes.



About a month ago I was cruising around the homebrew forums and I came across a thread for Lubberwort Brewing, a new brewing program, or more importantly, a web-based app for brewing.   I am always looking for something new, and enjoy testing out new offerings, so over the past few weeks I have been testing, trying, and offering feedback. As a final test, I will be using the site to brew up my American Wheat to see how it performs real world application.

Brew-Day with Lubberwort

Initial impressions

As I spent a few weeks playing with the interface, building brews, and comparing it to my standard site, I noticed that the streamlined straightforward interface was an awesome touch. Every time I thought “Damn, it would be nice if….” low and behold, a new update would be pushed out and I got to be amazed all over again. For a while, it was being updated almost every day it seemed, if not, at least every other day.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 08.12.58

Feature details

For such a new site, it is pretty packed with useful features. First and foremost, many of the features are available, even if you do not want to create an account, or log in if you already have an account. The ability to create recipes, and know if they fall within the accepted style guidelines is nice. The shared database and “Brew this Batch” make getting from grain to glass pretty fast. The number of shared beers is pretty small right now, but as member base grows, so will the recipes to choose from. Lubberwort also has the full complement of standard features, saving and loading saved beers and batches, custom profiles, and the ability to choose system units help to round out a pretty intuitive and straight forward creation process.

Screen Shot 1

Bio / Q&A

I had a chance to ask James, the mastermind behind Lubberwort a few questions; here is what he had to say:

  • TXB: TxBrewing
  • LWB: Lubberwort Brewing
  • TXB: Where does your Brewery call home?
  • LWB:     My “brewery” (if one would even call it that) is located in my home in Northwest Arkansas. It’s nothing more than your typical homebrew setup. What makes it special is that it’s made with my own two hands!
  • TXB: How long have you been brewing?
  • LWB:     I’ve been brewing for about 3 years, so not a real long time. But when I take up a hobby I always try to learn as much about it as I can. I’m still new to all grain and am looking for ways to improve that part of the site.
  • TXB: What is it about brewing that keeps you coming back?
  • LWB:     What keeps me brewing is the simple fact that I love to create things. Along with home brewing, another hobby of mine is the Arduino. I’ve actually built a temperature control module for my homebrew setup that automatically adjusts my burner up or down depending on the current and desired temperature. Another reason would be the pleasure I get out of pouring that first glass of beer out of the tap and enjoying the fruits… well… brews of my labor.
  • TXB: What is your favorite style to brew?
  • LWB:     I have a favorite style to drink, but I actually haven’t brewed one yet, and that’s an American IPA. I love the complex flavors and aromas and hope to make a good one someday. But at this time I’m getting ready to brew a new version of a Lager I did a couple of years ago. Want to get it ready for summer.
  • TXB: Why did you create this platform and app for the community?
  • LWB:     I created this application for several reasons. The first being that I wanted a place for brewers to be able to create recipes, brew them, and keep all their recordings and sessions in one place… for free. I realize there are other apps out there that do the same thing as mine, but they’re not all free, web-based applications. Another thing I hope to accomplish with this site is to give new home brewers a single place to learn and create. Home brewing can get complicated and finding good resources can be a challenge. My plan is to provide a site where these new brewers can learn while exploring their own creative avenues.


Now, as I move into a short list of Pros/Cons; understand that I am still learning my way around the app. Also, I can almost guarantee that James will start working on ways to address and improve his product before this actually makes it to print.

Screen Shot 2015-03-07 at 08.15.25




  • Web-based
  • Super easy to new brewers to use and understand
  • Free
  • Clean and attractive layout and design
  • Helpful hints and tips
  • Straight forward and easy to navigate


  • Cannot edit timers
  • I could not get it to calculate strike temp



So there it is, please take a few minutes and stop Lubberwort Brewing and give it a chance to become a new tool for your brewing tool box.


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