About Tx Brewing 

Well, this is kinda sorta misleading. I am a Texas boy through and through, but I have never brewed a gallon of beer in my beloved state.  I am hoping all this will change in the next few years, as once again I hear the call of the Texas Republic….

About the Brewer

I started brewing in 2008, seem like forever ago. I was living in Belgium and for some reason figured I could do it better than they could ( I was wrong)…it was never better, just different.

Like most I started off lost and confused, with a turkey fryer, an Igloo cooler, and some plastic buckets, but I knew after my first brew day, I was hooked.

Currently I live in Colorado, have upgraded to a 10 gallon all-electric HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) and have learned more than anything, I have a lot to learn.


About the Beer

I brew classic American style ales, with an Irish or so thrown in for good measure. I like a malty backbone, but also enjoy a good Kick in da face IPA. When asked “So, what kind of beer do you brew” my usual reply is

What ever I want…..and that is the true joy of this hobby.


Thanks for reading


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